Facebook, your Electric Friendship Generator [Video]

Responsible Relationships and You: What you need to know about Facebook Etiquette. Watch and learn.

The Barack Lobster experiment

Early lessons from Joe Hage’s experiment in viral marketing.

The Best Super Bowl Commercial 2010

I just love anything Betty White does. Add in Abe Vigoda as a punchline and you have the perfect commercial.

Help her find me: Michele Wolf

Michele Wolf worked at Rutledge in Connecticut, Bear Stearns in New York, MBNA in Maine, STAR Telecom in Atlanta, and went to graduate school in California in 2003. Can you help her find me?

Wow. It worked!

I had all but given up reconnecting with my friend Michele Wolf.

Then I wrote a blog about it. Find out what happened next.

Warholize Yourself

Joe found something fun online. Go Warholize Yourself for free.