As a co-worker

prabodh-mathur-168e“Joe: You are one of the hardest working people in our company that I know of! I love your Cardiac Science blog (which I subscribe to), and I do realize how much information you must have to go through to write them. Thank you!”

Prabodh Mathur, Chief Technology Officer, Cardiac Science

troy-pflugner“Joe Hage brings qualities to the table that entire marketing teams in “Corporate America” cannot collectively offer even on their best day. I have had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Joe in my current capacity as a Territory Sales Manager for Cardiac Science in the Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio markets. Joe’s style is fresh, clean, crisp, professional and consistent and I love it. He adds incredible value to everything we do from marketing, communicating, supporting, and selling in a highly competitive marketplace.

I believe that not one of our competitors are working as hard and as diligent as Joe and his team does to provide information, blogs, websites, and an image as relevant, proficient and consistent across the board. I am thankful to be on Joe’s team.”

Troy Pflugner, Territory Sales Manager, Cardiac Science

Katrina Williams“Joe hired me twice as his media planner and buyer, and I love working with him. He is strategic and thorough, understands media, and his recent contributions at Cardiac Science are some of the strongest I’ve seen in my career. Results are what matters to him: He is persistent yet delightful, and empowers me to do my best work. He values relationships with editors and publishers and, together, we’re able to earn some great value adds. If you need a strong marketer, you’d be lucky to get Joe on your team.”

Katrina Williams, Media Planning & Buying

steven-dimattia“I learn a great deal working with Joe – about social networking, for which he has a great curiosity and passion; about writing, for which he has very high standards; and about marketing, at which he is wonderfully strategic and creative. Joe knows how to get stuff done. He likes to learn useful things along the way and, when he does, he shares them with others. Joe is a great business partner and I value the marketing and public relations we’ve done together.”

Steve DiMattia, Managing Director, EVC Group

Karen Anderson“Joe’s one of those rare MarCom directors who knows what he needs. He’s up front about negotiating with you about what you will need to do, and what he will need to provide, to result in high-quality deliverables. Joe’s feedback is clear and concise, and his praise is generous.

He rewards feedback and suggestions from you – he recognizes that, if he’s hired a professional for her expertise, he should use it! Most importantly, working in a partnership with Joe is fun. He loves what he does, and wants you to love your involvement in it.”

Karen Anderson, Writer and SEO content guru

Tom dos Remedios“Joe was amazing to work with at Safeco. He quickly learned the insurance world to become the “voice of Safeco” in all our internal and external communications. He is detailed in his work and made sure that nothing was overlooked. It was a pleasure to work with Joe; he made this a more enjoyable place to work as well as making us stronger organization.”

Tom dos Remedios, Product Manager, Safeco Insurance

Natalie Gossett“Joe was a pleasure to work with as my client at Safeco Insurance. He always exhibits a very high level of professionalism, treats me as a valued partner and brings creative solutions to the table. He was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and his energy for his work was contagious. I look forward to another opportunity to work with Joe again!!”

Natalie Gossett, Account Director | Founder, Hunt Marketing Group

“Joe is creative, focused and extremely high energy. I value his insights and his straightforward approach. He is always willing to learn and is uniquely able to bring his experience to new situations.”

Terri Dalenta, former SVP Claims, Safeco Insurance

Joe Rupp“Joe changed the perspective of Marketing at Safeco. He exhibited genuine creativity based on data driven analytics in all of his work. In one instance, his revamped “Moving with Safeco” product was a huge hit nationwide. Joe clearly delivered on his promises; and, the people who collaborated with him or relied upon him for the success of their projects were very pleased to have worked with him. Everyone I have spoken with at Safeco who had the pleasure of working with him, misses him.”

Joe Rupp, AVP/Region Sales & Distribution Leader, Safeco Insurance

“Joe was extremely quick to learn the essential information for a highly complicated product for which he was asked to design both an internal and external communication plan. Working with business partners to design a successful communication strategy took good humor, hard work, and creativity. Joe provided all in abundance and helped to make the rollout communication very successful.”

Tracy Besch, Director, Partner Integration, Safeco Insurance

William Bernhard “Joe’s insights into marketing greatly strengthened the projects we worked on together. I could always count on him to be honest, professional, and innovative. He was a pleasure to work with.”

William Bernhard, Head Full of Design

“Joe is an exceptionally bright, perceptive executive who was a pleasure to work with at Safeco Insurance. His creativity and productivity was noticed by all who engaged in business contact with him, including agents, senior executives, vendors, peers and co-workers alike. Joe is the consummate professional and has an enthusiasm for his work that draws others in to his projects and energizes those working with him to give their all to the task at hand. He is an extremely talented individual and I have the deepest respect for him personally and professionally.”

LeAnn Mercer, Executive Assistant, Safeco worked indirectly for Joe at Safeco

Shyam Nair “Joe is a creative leader and he led some of the most exciting marketing events at StockPot. He is very good people person and it was fun and exciting to interact with Joe.”

Shyam Nair, Sr Project Manager, StockPot / Campbell Soup Company

Brent Trimble “Joe is a keen thinker with remarkable direct and total marketing acumen. It was my distinct pleasure to work with Joe on a range of client business and his strategic insight left an indelible thumbprint that translated to results.”

Brent Trimble, Director, Interactive Marketing, FKM worked indirectly for Joe at MRA

As a Marketing Strategy Consultant

Giannina Silverman “Joe brainstorms through marketing issues at a rapid-fire pace. He gets to the heart of why people’s marketing efforts aren’t working, and how to create a better strategy for better results. There’s no marketing problem that Joe can’t solve.”

Giannina Silverman, Rocket Ranch Design

Elizabeth Lee “Joe Hage has a mastery with words. He’s clear, concise and witty. Check out my profile. He ghostwrote it and didn’t even need my help. Email if you’d like to see the before-and-after comparison. The difference is huge and I’m going to incorporate some of his ideas on my website.”

Elizabeth Lee, Seattle Organizing Works

William Fulton “Joe Hage listened, probed and came up with insights that I kind of already knew, but put them in a way that I could use to build my business. I now have three innovative ways to market my services and target my offering. Joe, thanks for taking the time to think through it with me.”

William Fulton, Data Lodge Internet Backup Services

Paul Medrzycki“I honestly believe if I hadn’t met Joe, my business wouldn’t be what it is today. He came up with the company name, how to position it, and who to target. He helped me get in the door and win my biggest client. While I sat in his office, I watched him whip together a thousand-word article that won me publicity in a trade magazine.

Joe’s work will bring in tens of thousands of dollars in business for me! He’s brilliant, personable and nice. My highest, highest recommendation!! Thank you, Joe!!”

Paul Medrzycki, The Life Changing Credit Company

Beth Hage “Joe supported my decision to leave an industry I no longer enjoyed to rediscover my art and flourish as an artist.”

Beth Hage, Painting with Paper

Ted Rubin “I’ve known Joe since 1999 and he is, perhaps, the strongest marketing person I’ve ever met. He was my go-to guy at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM to think through the marketing implications of my sales strategies. I’ve since recruited him twice: first as VP Marketing/Consultant in Financial Services, then as VP/Consultant for an Internet startup. I give Joe my highest endorsement!”

Ted Rubin, Entrepreneur / Business Development Consultant

Sheryl Sacchitelli “Joe led my team through a leadership transition and strategic overhaul. He streamlined a disjointed department into a leaner, more focused one and empowered me to help build our plan. I hold a high standard for leadership and can honestly say that I owe a lot of this to him and his example. I highly endorse Joe Hage.”

Sheryl Sacchitelli, Marketing Manager, Carlin Financial Group worked for Joe at Carlin Financial Group

T. Hardy Jackson “Joe is an innovative thinker. He pushes the envelope with bold and creative ideas. A real asset to any organization.”

T. Hardy Jackson, Managing Principal & Founder, Accevero Consulting