Wow. It worked!

I had all but given up reconnecting with my friend Michele Wolf.

Then I wrote a blog about it.

What happened

I never met Suzanne before. Didn’t know who she was.

But for some reason Suzanne googled Michele one day. She stumbled upon my blog and wrote me:

“Hi Joe. I saw your blog today about Michele Wolf. I knew Michele In Atlanta, and have a decent bit of info about her that I think will help you find her. BUT, obviously I’m a little dubious. It’s funny that I should come across your blog because I’ve had her on my mind the past several weeks. Strange how these things happen.

I have an old phone number of hers that I’ve used in the past couple of years to leave messages, but I haven’t spoken with her in a while. If you could just put my mind at rest that I’m not handing info over to someone she doesn’t want to find her, I’d appreciate it. I’m sure you understand.”

So I wrote back a note that put her mind at ease. Turns out, she did get in touch with Michele and told Michele about my blog.

A happy ending

Michele called me today. It was as though we talked yesterday.

We had a lot of catching up to do!

Thank you, Mr. Internet.


  1. Wow. Congratulations, Joe! Yes, I’ve noticed you’ve been looking for Michele for quite some time. Glad all’s well that end’s well!

  2. Linda Carlson-Hewitt says:


    I responded to your blog some time ago providing a tiny bit of information about Michele, hoping it would help you find her as well as me. We were very close when she was a graduate student at Claremont. I just finished watching the video of my daughter Erica’s 3rd birthday where Michele her ex-husband Randy, and our friends Jeff & Kristy were in attendance. When we moved from Claremont in 1990, Michele was having a tough time in her relationship and we just lost touch. I’ve tried to reach her through the Claremont Graduate School’s web site, to no avail. If you remain in touch with her, please know that like you, I’ve wanted for many years to find her and rekindle our friendship. If you would be willing to pass along my email address to her (, I would be forever grateful. You are the only connection that I can find with her. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks.

  3. Linda, I will pass your email on to her.

  4. Jeanine oburchay says:

    Hi Joe: I’ve stumbled across your blog, and although it’s more than 2 years old I hope you see this. I have been missing — and looking for — the elusive Ms Wolf for years! Michele and I worked together for years back in the 90s, and then lost touch. If you see this, can you please pass along my contact info? Thanks for being the conduit for michele’s long list friends!!!


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