Seattle Marketing Strategy according to Google

In Those other Joe Hages! I groused about some other Joe Hage who was overshadowing my own Joe Hageness. And while “taking him down” did give me great joy, I’ve won a bigger prize. I’m the #1 Seattle Marketing Strategist. As of this writing (updated 11/15/09), I have the first local result and the first […]

Love in an elevator

As ProBlogger Darren Rowse says, “If you’re fuzzy on what your blog is about it’s unlikely than anyone else will have much of an idea either.” So, What’s your Elevator Pitch?”

Text-to-movie: XtraNormal makes it easy – if they survive [VIDEO]

Text-to-movie-making is easy with Click through for a quick commercial I made, and discover how to make your own animated movie on Too bad the company’s in trouble.

Tae Andrews, Rest in Peace

Tae Wan Andrews died on March 30. He was 45. I just heard about it today. Tae was my boss at Kraft Foods when I worked on the Lender’s Bagel business. I liked him, and I’m moved by his death. Working on Lender’s in 1996 was neither easy nor enviable. Bagel shops were sprouting all […]

Where’s George founder Hank Eskin: How is this a business?

Hank created to determine if anyone else entered your bill into its system and tell you where the bill has been. How is that a business? Hank explains.

It is a lot of work being a guru

Being a guru of anything requires intelligence, time management, and tenacity. Are you guru material?