4 Reads for Bloggers

Ever belong to a book club? No, me neither. But here we can virtually read the same content and discuss it.

1. In Five Ways to Comply with the New FTC Guidelines for Bloggers, Michael Hyatt shares some boilerplate copy you can use when you have a financial interest in your subject matter.

2. In Keyword Research for Bloggers, Copyblogger assembles a five-part lesson for keyword research and optimization. Click if you have time; it’s not a light read.

3. On Jason Fladlein‘s blog, you can click on any of the products (lists on the right navigation) and learn how to make an expert “squeeze page,” also known as a sales letter. His style might seem huckster-ish to you but it works … he makes A LOT of money online.

4. Chris Pirillo celebrates his 8,000th blog post with 50 YouTube (and Online Video) Tips and Tricks. He invested a lot of time compiling it because he wanted to prepare something really special for readers.

So there you are. Four posts to read, then come back here and leave a comment so we can discuss.

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