New poll feature on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a new feature which enables users to create polls for free. Please take this one. I created it in five minutes.

The making of a viral video

Viral doesn’t have to mean millions of hits. See this innovative way to convert a few dozen views … thousands of times over.

What’s on my mind

Catching up with my readers: Launching a major Web site, Cancun vacation, co-authoring a book, a new concept, learning PHP, Adwords, and more from Joe Hage.

WG’92 cohort news

Keith Alexander’s baby, Mitch and Melissa check in, Mallorino on the slopes, Gautam Chand’s investment management firm.

WG’92 Cohort J news

As it will appear in the Spring 2009 issue of the Wharton Alumni Magazine. Read about me, Deb Crouse, T Hardy Jackson, Ron Leopold, Rich Caligaris, Dave Williams, Scott Cahill, Matt Savage, David Richards, Yuichi Hiromoto, Rob Slingerland, Peter Smith, and Paul Kirinicich.

Is 2011 the year of Deviant Marketing?

Guest blogger Joshua Duncan wonders how far “out there” marketers have to go to get noticed in 2011.