Hey Joe ~

I’m often asked what I’m doing with that gun in my hand. I still haven’t come up with a clever answer. Any suggestions? … …

Chris Brogan blogger, social media expert

Chris Brogan is ranked 13th on the AdAge Power 150 and a great source to keep on top of social media developments: My Best Advice About Social Networking My Best Advice About Personal Branding My Best Advice About Blogging My Best Advice About Social Media 50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice 50 […]

Cash incentives vs. merchandise

Seattle marketing strategist Joe Hage’s take on the cash incentives versus merchandise debate.

The Joe Hage Twitter experiment, Part II

See why Joe Hage is completely hooked on Twitter and learn how it can grow your business. With examples of how it is growing Joe’s business after only three weeks!

AMC’s Mad Men on Twitter

More great marketing on Twitter. Inspirational even. The cast of AMC’s Mad Men started following me. I got into a conversation with @bettydraper having no idea that she was fictitious. She referred to @francine_hanson in her reply so I started to converse with her.

Barack Lobster sneak peek

Very excited. Co-conceived and co-wrote this with my dear friend Joe Narciso (here with Steve Carell about FedEx; here on that famous E*Trade “Dinky” commercial). Joe knows SNL animators David Wachtenheim and Rob Marianetti (Saturday TV Funhouse) who are bringing this to life. Here’s a sneak preview of the first few seconds of animation. This […]