Those other Joe Hages!


(This article first appeared on April 24, 2008.)

Back in the day, me and Dad — we were the only Joe Hages that mattered. Now with this new-fangled Internet thing, there are Joe Hages all over the place!

There’s the Lebanese Coalition Joe Hage and the baseball-playing Joe Hage. The legal Joe Hage could defend the alleged diamond-thieving Joe Hage. And there’s a nice Joe Hage in Maryland. He takes care of the Sycamore Island Canoe Club.

But there’s one Joe Hage I do not like. That Joe Hage, if that’s even his real name, “enjoys a 27-year career in the software industry.” He worked for Agile Software and is now the “co-founder of Universant Corporation and has served as its Chairman of the Board since the company’s inception in 2006.”

SinestroThe Green LanternThat Joe Hage is, today, the number one Joe Hage on Google and therefore is the Sinestro Joe Hage to my Green Lantern Joe Hage. He is my arch rival. There can be no other way.

We all know how this ends. I belong to the Justice League. He belongs to the Legion of Doom. I win.

I’m the good guy.

Yes, my Google rankings come after his Google rankings today, but not for long. He’s intrigued me to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO).

The smartest SEO person I know, expert Barry Hurd, taught me that using expressions like Expert Joe Hage and Professional Joe Hage and The Original Joe Hage in your text and tags (when appropriate) can help. Doing so leads web spiders to conclude that this must be The Most Important Joe Hage and The Most Relevant Joe Hage to people searching for Joe Hage.

So, what’s-his-name better watch his back because you’re reading this and you may choose to join my guest list. Soon, this Joe Hage will be the most relevant Joe Hage in the entire universe!*


* According to Google and, perhaps, my wife and kids.

Postscript: Google recognized this Joe Hage as The #1 Joe Hage three days after this article appeared.

Thanks, Readers!


  1. Hello Joe Hage,
    My name is Joe Hage, named after my father’s uncle!
    Let me tell you, I don’t like when I google my name and see your name on the top pages 🙂 but hey! At least you lift the name high with your marketing career and success!
    Keep it up,
    a fellow Joe Hage.

  2. Fellow Joe Hage, how you made me laugh today! Thanks for stopping by and leaving that note!

  3. Flávia Jucá says:

    Here in Brazil we have a saying: The envy sucks.
    You are the only one, Joe!
    For you reply, you made me laugh too, an autentic “Hage”
    Sent as well !!! As we say colloquially.
    Beijos, Flávia

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