Everything happens for a reason

Mom said, “Everything happens for a reason.” Usually when things went wrong.

It was post-9/11 and I lived in Manhattan. Nobody was hiring.

In my desperation, I took a job as a Financial Advisor. All of a sudden, every human I encountered was a prospect. I couldn’t live that way and quit six weeks later.

My new COBRA coverage paid $40,000 for three rounds of in-vitro fertilization that produced our Lucas (pictured). If I hadn’t been absolutely desperate for work, I never would have joined that company, never would have had that medical coverage, and probably would have one boy today, Luke’s older brother, Zachary.

In 2007, I unexpectedly lost my job at Safeco. It was frustrating, but I looked at my Lucas and knew it happened for a reason.

Maybe, during my month off, I was meant to find Biznik and meet Paul Medrzycki. Maybe I was meant to help launch his Life Changing Credit Company to help people restore their credit and afford better things in life. And maybe as the new Director of Marketing Communications at Cardiac Science I’ll save a life by getting a defibrillator someplace it otherwise may not have been.

Maybe I’ll find out one day. Maybe not. It’s ok either way.

Fast forward six months: Liberty Mutual bought Safeco. If I were still there, I’d be out of a job soon in a much tougher economy. Everything happens for a reason.


  1. Joe,

    I love the brevity, sincerity, and vulnerability of your article, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’

    Learning to trust that everything is happening “For me” and not “To me” has been my path of learninng.

    I know I have lots of stories that I want to put on Biznik and my website that will hopefully inspire others as your will.

    Thank you for your encouragement and example!


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