Introducing Zachary and Lucas

Zach’s dad had an idea: What would it look like if a six-year-old had his own blog? What if his four-year-old brother helped?

Would children want to read it? Would it be a destination site for parents to share with their children?

We don’t know. But Zach’s excited about the idea. And once Luke catches wind of it, he’ll want to do it too.


Brothers in arms

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  1. Nannie Jannie says:

    Great idea. I want to know what Lucas and Zach are thinking about and what they are doing!

  2. I would be very interested in what young kids at this age thought about some of the various “grownup” topics of the day. What do THEY think about using oil to boil water to turn turbines to make electricity? What do they think about recycling? What kind of person do they think the President should be?

  3. Rick, thanks! We didn’t think of going in that direction.

    Zach wanted to write immediately. Then he was “scared.” He didn’t know what to write and didn’t want to make a mistake.

    I explained that’s the beauty of it. He’s still figuring it out and we’re not pushing it. We’ll see.

  4. Hey Zach. You’re a brave guy. Something tells me that blogging will get easier the more you do it. Great that you have a smart, loving Dad to help. So Zach I have a question for you. What do you think of so many cars on the road burning all that gas? Have you heard of better ways to get around that cost less and are easier on our environment? Please let me know what you think.

  5. Lindsay Rogers says:

    Zachary and Lucas are amazing boys…smart, funny, kindhearted. Neither is shy (in the best way). I can’t wait to read how they see the world. We’re listening boys. Don’t hold back. We want to know what YOU think. Grown ups don’t always have all the answers. Take risks, have fun, try new things…Mom and Dad are there for you if you fall. See you soon! Love, Lindsay.

  6. infinityxxi says:

    kids today know way more than we think they do! i have a 4 yr old who you wouldn’t believe what she says!!

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