Get your Gravatar

How to get a “gravatar” to help identify your posts on Web forums. It’s free and can help you build your brand onliine.

If you are thinking about publishing…

For credibility and distribution, depending on your industry, a name brand “Simon & Schuster Free Press” is kind of like getting into Harvard. BUT if you self-publish and it gets hot enough, a name brand may want to pick it up. Publishing. Content. The message is coming out over and over again, in every session […]

Seattle Marketing Strategy: Why real estate marketing is so hard

In The First Three Questions, we talked about consumer insights, source of volume, and positioning statements. The formula works for every marketing situation I’ve ever encountered. But for some reason, it’s especially hard when a residential real estate agent asks me for help. The realty dilemma Leaf through a few Biznik profiles for real estate […]