Building inbound links to your site

Incoming links to a website are like the gold of the Internet. These can help sites generate traffic, PageRank, search ranking and even revenue. The unfortunate reality is that not all publishers understand how to go about getting these incoming links established effectively.

Delighting subscribers

I find myself wondering “is this worth an email to my subscribers” before I hit the send button. It kind of defeats the spontaneous nature of a blog. How do you deal with that?

Exit popups … worth the pain?

Pros and cons using exit popups (aka exit popovers). A friend shares his rationales and successes.

Spider Web Site

Spiders don’t knock on doors, make phone calls, or network with other spiders for leads on bugs. Your Spider Web site doesn’t either.

4 Reads for Bloggers

Links to helpful articles from Copyblogger, Chris Pirillo, Michael Hyatt, Tia Peterson, and Jason Fladlein.

How to add audio to slideshare [VIDEO]

Joe shares how to add audio to slideshare, a social media site to upload PowerPoint presentations.