What to do if you’re “just not into social media”

Social media can help a business connect with its clients. Guest blogger Antonia Harler offers suggestions and perspective for businesses that “just can’t get into social media.”

Are you maximizing your thank you page?

Joe offers a simple reminder about the power of the Thank You page.

How to find me on Skype

The punchline is: Your “Skype page” is the word Skype, a colon (:), and your Skype name.

Selling Social Media Into and Within the Enterprise

Making the Case: Social Media Club Founder Chris Heuer’s gave an enlightening talk at SMC in Seattle on Feb 24, 2009. Here are some notes from his “Selling Social Media Into and Within the Enterprise.”

What is TweetDeck? TweetDeck explained.

Presentations coach, speaker, and the author of Win, Place & Show, Rich Hopkins explains what TweetDeck is all about.

Tracking your Advertising Campaigns with Urchin Tracking (UTMs)

It’s easier than you think to track your advertising campaigns. In this short post, Joe shows you how to track the sources of your inbound Web traffic.