A new school supply, the AED

If you read only one post on this site, read this if you’re a parent. Joe introduces you to three young victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Only two lived.

The Simpsons turn 20

Joe shares two of his favorite Simpsons clips in honor of the show’s 450th episode.

Top Marketing Strategy Posts on this Blog

Joe picks the best marketing strategy posts on the site.

Seattle Marketing Strategy: The first three questions

These are the first three questions you need to answer before you spend any marketing money. I ask these three questions whenever I start a new project. In fact, I find it impossible to build a solid plan without these answers.

Seattle Marketing Strategy: The first three numbers

It’s tough to focus on marketing strategy when the numbers don’t work. When I’m in the dark about someone’s business, these are the three mathematical questions that need answering.

Seattle Marketing Strategy: Six ways to persuade people and grow your business

My take on Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” among the most important marketing books I’ve ever read.