Indian bobble head explained

The Indian bobble head explained. British Empire and Indian monarchy origins. Thanks to my friend and colleague Rinda Sama for the short video and back story.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 PowerPoint rules

Joe shares Guy Kawasaki’s take on what makes an effective PowerPoint presentation. Do you have the discipline to follow Guy’s advice?

Really Bad PowerPoint

Seth Godin is a friggin genius, in my humble opinion. And I told him so back in 1999. Had I not read his first book, Permission Marketing, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and jargon I needed to secure a job with 1-800-FLOWERS.COM that got me started online. (He was very courteous in his reply; […]

Dear employer: I’m not perfect

I once had an interviewer ask me a question so direct that I had two choices: lie, or tell her an unfiltered, embarrassing truth.

I told the truth.

And I got the job — not in spite of my embarrassing admission but because of it. Read on.

Long-lost friend stays lost

Joe goes looking for a grammar school friend and is surprised by what he finds. Do you have a similar story?

The Art of Living

Every once in a while, someone enters your life and alters your path. Are you aware enough to know when it’s happening? (It might be happening right now, with this blog posting.) Shyam Nair altered my path. We met at StockPot, Campbell’s fastest growing division at the time, when I was Director of Marketing there. […]