How To Nurture Customers with Social Media | Social CRM by

Guest blogger Debra Leitl explains the best social media practitioners use multiple avenues to connect with customers.

SEO, social media, and a full-time job

There is SO much to learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. It’s a full-time job! I met a host of prolific bloggers at BizJam Seattle 08 today. I heard as many points of view of “what works” as speakers who took the stage. I understood DL Byron of Textura Design say that […]

Debbie Weil on Social Media 101

Debbie covers some of the content from her Corporate Blogging Book in a presentation entitled, “Social Media 101.”

@Pistachio dishes at SxSW

Laura Fitton interviewed by WebProNews to discuss and a number of Twitter applications she especially likes.

How to write an article like Karrie Kohlhaas

(This article originally appeared on July 1 on If you’ve never met Karrie, do. Go to her Biznik page, see where she’ll be and go. If it’s a sit down, sit next to her. If it’s a mixer, hover. She’s smart, delightful and, if you’re lucky enough to hire her, she can shower you […]

Why I’m psyched today

Got new leads, having dinner with a friend, and learned three new things I can share with you if you like.