Joe Hage FAQs

How do you pronounce your last name? What’s the D in “JDH” stand for? And other important answers you need to know about Joe Hage!

My wife, my life

For his 100th blog post, Joe wants everyone to know how lucky he is to have Beth as his wife.

28 random facts about me

What Joe eats, what he dreams, who he knows, what he’s done, what he remembers. 28 random facts about Joe Hage that will delight and amaze.

Zachary, 10 years later

A 9/11 reflection We were getting ready for church. I was shaving. “Zachary,” I said, “They are probably going to be talking about 9/11 today at church.” “So is this a national holiday?” “No, I wouldn’t say ‘holiday.’ It is a day of reflection.” Lucas asked, “What does ‘reflection’ mean?” I answered, “Reflection means ‘thinking […]

Lucas wants to make us a robot Lucas would like to “chip in” with me and get a robot. He would put it together, though. Give a listen.

The Poor … by Zachary Hage, Age 6

What about the Poor? They have nothing to do. I give them toys. You know you have to do it sometimes. I give them toys because they don’t have any. Why don’t they have any toys? Because they don’t have enough money. I don’t know why they don’t have enough money. Or, maybe they just […]